Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A beautiful new day ..A even more beautiful begining for Amelia

Good day everyone.

Today was a very special day for Amelia. This morning she started pre-school. As usual I was not there physically today , but my head and heart was with Amelia and her Mom.
For a while now Amelia's mom has noticed more and more how much Amelia enjoys people and really enjoys kids close to her in age. More and more the feeling that maybe it was time for her and to a extent Mommy that maybe Amelia should start going to school. I on the other hand get a little protective when it comes to my little Amelia, and I sometimes worry if we are moving way to fast and other times I think its all way too slow. When I think back to 6 or 7 months ago, all we had to communicate was sight, touch and a little sign language. Now she knows her name, say's hi to everyone she sees, and always makes sure everyone hears her say goodbye when she is leaving somewhere. Her biggest verbal ability so far , is saying " Goooood girl" Sonya has been training our 6 month old great dane , and I guess Amelia has "heard" that so much as of late , that she is now managing to say it!

From time to time , I sometimes reflect on Amelia's journey so far, from confirming her hearing disability , to meeting the Dr's at sick kids , to her surgery , to her activation day, and now to today. I have had many doubts, but the truth is I have been gone for 2 years now , and if you have read any of these blogs, you will know I have had very little to do with Amelias progress. All her sucess is from her hard work ,and the help and support from her big brother and Mom .
I am trully amazed by all that they do everyday.

I owe so much thanks to my wife. She has so much to do , from looking after the kids, the dog, the house, and helping run a family buissness , I can not understand how she does it all, and does it all with such grace. She is in my mind the ultimate mom , and the greatest wife and best friend someone could have. Every day I miss my beautiful kids. I have missed more than 2/3 of Amelia's life and am approaching half of Ethans . At the very least I can take solice in the fact I managed to find the best , most capable person , to look after my two children, since I am a "Always gone Dad"

Till next time, Love yourself, no one can love you , if you dont