Monday, May 18, 2009

1 year !!!!

Hi everyone ,

Hope you are are happy and healthy where ever you maybe . Summer is around the corner , and I for one cant wait to have the damp, cold dreary weather to leave for the next couple months!!

Now for a quick update.

Has it been a year already??? That is the question I have asked myself the past few weeks. 1 year since Amelia had her CI's activated!!! When My wife and I think back at the year that has been, and watch Amelia, as she grows leaps and bounds both physically and verbally , we do kinda have to pinch ourselves. Amelia has come so far , her speech is improving every single day. We have been so blessed to have the support that we do . Amelia has 2 fantastic speech therapists, and with the help and support her Grandma Howe gives , not with out saying all that my beautiful wife and Amelia's Mom does at home with her everyday, learning , reading and teaching with Amelia, we have really lucked out cause with out all of there help who knows how far Amelia would have come .

Like always I am away for pretty much all of this , but now that Amelia's Mom is working , I do get to spend most nights on the weekends with my two beautiful babies , that I too now am getting to watch Amelia , and getting to take the personal joy in watching all the simple little things she can do now. For example , Amelia has learned every little persons favourite word... NO!!! She knows when , and how to use it , especially with Daddy, and she also knows what the out come will be if she uses the proper facial expressions to go along with it.. HAHAHA!!!

To wrap up this past year ... It really has a very special Journey. I would be lieing to you all if I said it has been great all the time , cause it hasnt, but the positives far out way the negatives .. She has shown all of her family and friends just how much a little hard work.. perservence and science can do .. If there is anytime I doubt what we have done as a family and if its all working , I just stop, hold Amelia's hand and listen to her, she always sets me straight, just ask her, she will tell you.

Till the next time, just love and listen to eachother .. its better that way!

Amelia's Daddy