Thursday, November 19, 2009

All is well

Hi everyone,

I have the greatest of news...Amelia kicked the nasty little bug she had... The Dr gave her a heavy does of medicine and with in 48 hrs she was back to her normal kick butt self.

I am so happy that once again she faced a little set back and continues to kick those things out of the way.

Since the holiday season is coming, I will be posting a few pictures as Amelia and her brothe rwait for the arrival of ol Santa Claus.

Talk soon ,

Amelias Daddy

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Amelia's health

Evening everyone,

Its not often at all I write at all while I am at work ,but I felt the need to tonight.

Amelia has been sick this week and it has got alot worse today. Currently Amelia is heading to the hospital cause we have a great concern that Amelia has got the H1N! flu. At this time we do not know forsure , but we do know that anyone with cochlear implants need to belooked after right away in any fever situation..She also has had issues with her breathing today .

I ask that all of you who read this , that you pray for her little lungs and heart tonight.

I plan on heading home as soon as I can , and I hope i have the greatest of reasons to write again very soon.

Bye for now

Amelia's Daddy

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hello everyone,

Once again here in Ontario, we have entered the fall season, the leaves have changed and most have fallen.

Lots has happened in little Amelia's world since I last blogged , so I will try to keep you all interested .

Amelia's vocabulary is growing everyday it seems , so fast in fact it can kinda can make a Dad tear up when he gets verbal attitude back from his little girl, which has happened!!! I guess the truth is , learning words and where to use them and being able to adjust your tone, is in fact what Mom Dad and everyone that loves her hoped she would be able to do one day and well that one day has arrived!!!!!!
Just today when I arrived home from a extended work week I got my first taste of the attitude. All I said was Amelia, and what did she say.... " Daddy... What??????" Oh my was I a little confused and shocked to say the least!!! Amelia has become a very good little entertainer. She enjoys singing , and loves to dance> Mary Poppins is her favourite movie. The Dora dress that she loves to wear seems to give her some super dance power , because she cant seem to help dancing half the day when she wears it, it is just amazing!!

Amelia has also become a lot more independent with her Cochlear equipment. She has no problem turning them on or off. She tries to put the batteries in her self ,but she still needs help with that ( At least she needs mom and dad for something lol) She also has become a real help in letting us know if they are working right .. She will verbally say "uh oh Broken ". Now if we could just get her to wear her ear piece properly , it would be one less thing we need to worry about . Anyone who knows about this equipment knows that they are amazing but also can be so sensitive and a 3 year old can be very very hard on them .

Well thats all for now, and I ill do my very best to be more frequent with updates.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read learn , and grow with us, We thank you all so very much

Take care

Amelia's Daddy

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Long over due update

Summer days are here...... Finally!!!!

Good day folks,

I hope you are enjoying the summer weather, for us in Ontario it seems that summer has arrived late , so once again it will be a short summer.

First Id like to say sorry to anyone who has been waiting for a update, , but I know most of you know how summers go , and to be honest I have just enjoyed watching my kids too much this summer.

I just cant believe that Ethan is going in to grade 1.. Grade 1 already!!! Ethan is a pretty amazing young boy and any of you who know him , know how true this is. For those that don't , you really are missing the chance to meet the most amazing, kind soul on this earth and I am so very proud to be his Dad.. Good luck in September Ethan!!

Amelia has had a great summer!!!! She has entered the realm of enjoying the water. Amelia had her first swimming lessons, and even though it might have taken her awhile to get in the water, she sure does have the early signs of a water lover .

As far as Amelia's growth in the audio and verbal aspect of life, She is doing Amazing!!!!! Amelia love to listen to thunder. You have to the look on her face when she points to her ears and says.. "I hear dat!!"

Little Amelia is full of questions, she ask's you to tell her what just about everything is, and as of last Saturday she knows all the in ports and wires that are used to run the average home cpu.
She also learned enough to make sure she hears you clearly by repeating what you say before nodding and saying "O.K" Folks she really is one of a kind!!

I know I said it before but I will say it again. When I think back almost 2 years, I just can't believe how amazing this journey has been. We all have learned so much about life and a whole lot about ourselves, and as much as I would give anything for Amelia to have not gone through the tests and the surgery, I wonder if we as a family and I as a father , husband and person, would have the ability to see and hear things the way I do now if it wernt for Amelia's journey.

I will end it on that note .

Till the next time......

Stay thirsty my friends!!!!

Amelias Daddy

Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Video

Hello one and all,

I hope everyone is enjoying the first day of summer. Up here in cottage country it is very warm, and quite beautiful on this Fathersday 2009.

I have made a short video of Amelia at sick kids 2 weeks ago for her 1 year tune up and update at Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital.

I have yet to figure out how to close caption videos yet , but I do promise you, I will figure that out very soon , so I apologize now .

Just so I don't get in any trouble , the must in the back ground is "Island in the sun" by Weezer... I think they own it and have the rights to make all money from it. Hopefully that satisfies the authorities hahahahaha.

I hope you all enjoy the video.

Till the next update, stay warm on the inside , and cool on the outside .

Amelia's Daddy

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tomorrows test day @ Sick Kids

Hi everyone,

I hope all is well with you and your loved ones where ever you maybe .

Tomorrow Amelia will be at Sick Kids hospital. How ever this is a special visit.
We will get to see how far Amelia has come since we started on this amazing journey.

Everyone in her family is very excited about tomorrow, and of course I wont be able to be there but Amelia's Mom has promised to bring the video camera , so the plan is to share it with you all as soon as possible.

I want to take a moment to thank all of those who have read and sent there kindest of words to Amelia and her family for the past 14 or 15 months. I know if you look back though this blog , you can clearly see a roller coaster of emotions in some of the words that have been written, but this is about as Raw a look you can have at the inside of my heart while my little girl has grown so much and showed her whole family how amazing life is.

I have let my feelings out here, I have been numb as I wrote , I have been mad as I wrote , laughed , pinched myself and yes I have cried as I have wrote . All of it has made me grow as a man, father and husband. I hope some of you have gotten something out of it, and if you have then I am very happy and hopeful that any journey you might be on teaches you what this one has and will teach all of us in the family.

Thank you so much for watching and reading.

May your god always bless you

Amelias daddy

Monday, May 18, 2009

1 year !!!!

Hi everyone ,

Hope you are are happy and healthy where ever you maybe . Summer is around the corner , and I for one cant wait to have the damp, cold dreary weather to leave for the next couple months!!

Now for a quick update.

Has it been a year already??? That is the question I have asked myself the past few weeks. 1 year since Amelia had her CI's activated!!! When My wife and I think back at the year that has been, and watch Amelia, as she grows leaps and bounds both physically and verbally , we do kinda have to pinch ourselves. Amelia has come so far , her speech is improving every single day. We have been so blessed to have the support that we do . Amelia has 2 fantastic speech therapists, and with the help and support her Grandma Howe gives , not with out saying all that my beautiful wife and Amelia's Mom does at home with her everyday, learning , reading and teaching with Amelia, we have really lucked out cause with out all of there help who knows how far Amelia would have come .

Like always I am away for pretty much all of this , but now that Amelia's Mom is working , I do get to spend most nights on the weekends with my two beautiful babies , that I too now am getting to watch Amelia , and getting to take the personal joy in watching all the simple little things she can do now. For example , Amelia has learned every little persons favourite word... NO!!! She knows when , and how to use it , especially with Daddy, and she also knows what the out come will be if she uses the proper facial expressions to go along with it.. HAHAHA!!!

To wrap up this past year ... It really has a very special Journey. I would be lieing to you all if I said it has been great all the time , cause it hasnt, but the positives far out way the negatives .. She has shown all of her family and friends just how much a little hard work.. perservence and science can do .. If there is anytime I doubt what we have done as a family and if its all working , I just stop, hold Amelia's hand and listen to her, she always sets me straight, just ask her, she will tell you.

Till the next time, just love and listen to eachother .. its better that way!

Amelia's Daddy

Monday, March 23, 2009

Wow ..Just moven on .. so fast!!

Hi all ,

We up here in the highlands hope your all doing well and enjoying the signs of spring.

Amelia is changing daily it seems now. As everyday goes by she is becoming more and more independent. From the moment she wakes up , she wants her cokies on , and it seems the little lady is now in control of her wardrobe and insists on dressing her self.

Last Tuesday I was able to attend a progress and goals meeting with Amelia and her team of therapists and support workers. For me it was really informative , I was able to hear the progress that Amelia is showing from another perspective , and I have to say I am so very happy for her.
I look at her and she what she does , what she says, and I just have to pinch my self.

I'm going to share to very quick little stories with you all ... One Thursday I was downstairs and I walked up to the main floor and I heard this small beautiful voice say " Hi Ow are you? " IT was Amelia .... I had to take a moment to register what I had just heard... It was the most amazing , beautiful words a parent could ever hear ... She asked me how I was..she talked... she was listening to me walk up the stairs... The fact that she has this ability to hear and listen , and now verbalize, it never stops blowing me away... These are the moments as a parent you just hope and pray will happen , and for her they are.

My second little tid bit if a humur is moment..... My son Ethan was playing and watching the Leafs game Saturday night , when he yells " Hey Dad there is a squirrl in the house" I ran out to the living room and sure enough a little red squirrl was in our house .. Amelia came running to see what the fuss was about... she peaked and saw the squirrl... My wife and I put the kids in the back room so they would be safe..... After the coast was clear from the vistor ... Amelia tapped me on my leg... she wanted to let me know there was a monster in the house... try and picture Amelia doing this ..she looks at me..wide eyed... starts making claws beside her head and growls and makes whisker motions on her cheeck and points to where she saw the squirrl... She did this a few times till she knew that we understood her..... It was the cutiest sight I ever saw... I wish I could have frozen that moment forever her face so serious and so detailed in her description of the squirrl.

Well thats it for now.... till next time, stop and make a wish... you never know some wishes come true... I know this ..I live it everytime I see my kids smile :)

Amelias Daddy

Monday, February 9, 2009

Something personal

This is not my usual update , this is for my children.

Almost 6 years ago , Ethan you came in to this world , and everything I ever thought I knew changed in that instant. I really thought I knew what the world , what life , what being a man meant, till you came in to our world. On that April Morning in 2003 , it suddenly became very clear that i knew nothing at all about fatherhood , but you taught me somuch so very fast. The way you looked at me , they way you smiled at me, I was something so very special to you , this man with bug hands a big head who loved u more than anything he ever thought he could . We watched you grow... your first words were so amazing I can't even put the right words into a sentence to explain to anyone what that felt like.

Now your turning 6 , your a hockey player , your little sisters biggest hero, the man of the house.
Ethan , your daddy has made many mistakes in his life , some of which i am proud to have made, and others I wish I could do over again. I hope if I have given you anything , I hope i have given you a example of love. I love you so much Ethan. Every time I look at you , I see myself.. young , full fire, so smart , and so much the life of the room in which you are in. I know its a little confusing to you , when I leave , but as the time has passed you have grown use to it , and need me in a different way. I promise that no matter where I am , I will always have you in my heart , if I cant have u beside me , it better to have you there.. I love you son , you really are my everything.

My dear Little Lemon Drop,

I cant believe how much you have changed me. From the very second you were born , you have simply amazed me in ways I didnt know I could be. Every Father says that there daughter is the best , but no one has you for a daughter , that honour is mine. I knew and your Mom knew you might have a challange or two along the way , but to say that you have not met those challanges and beat them would be a lie. The past year and a half for you , has not been the picture that your Mom and I had envisioned for you , but what you have been able to do , what you have over come, and how you have handled it , is a story that any hero would look to for insperation . Every day that you learn a new word , in speech and in sign , makes me so very proud of you. It does not phase you , your laugh is so infectious it makes me blush. I know I have never been there enough for you , and that is my biggest regret in my life. I couldnt be there , I tried to be , but this world is harsh and a lot of things kept me from you, and one day Im sure your Mom or I will explain that to you. I love you Amelia , you are the moon, the stars, the rain and the sun to me, with out you , I would have never grown up .

I love you two babies more than anything, I miss you every second of everyday that I cant see you, hold you, hug you, and guide you .. You are both deep with in me ,and my heart needs you in order for it to beat.. Your Daddy loves you no matter where he is or what he is doing. I hope one day you know that , and feel it like I do.

Daddy must go now its late , and I cant stop thinking about how comfy you must both look tucked in your warm beds tonight. I wish I was there!

Love Daddy

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New equipment !

Hi everyone,

Now that the holiday season is long gone , I figured maybe now would be a good time to share with you some recent progressions in Amelia's journey .

As some of you parents that have a child with C.I's know , sometimes these wonderful devices that bring so much to your child's world and yours, can go kaput and trying to get things working right can be a uphill battle. Amelia has now had the experience. We have had the whole unit on the right replaced.. It seems her original equipment liked to shut off on its own, and Amelia is just a little to young yet to let us know if its not working. However she has figured out that she can just unplug herself when she does not want to hear Mommy raise her voice when she decides she wants to go on the misbehaving bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to take a moment to share with you a little moment I had with my little girl this weekend. As most Friday nights go I make the trek from Toronto to the Haliburton Highlands to see my family that I miss so much during the week. As always Amelia likes the whole house to be awake when she is up and about bringing havoc to the house hold here. This Saturday was a morning I wont soon forget .. Amelia woke me up , and did we ever have a interesting talk.. She was telling me a very very important story, I could tell it was important cause of her facial expressions. I only understood a couple of words , but the most important thing is she is trying to form the words, and that truly is special to watch. As we talked ,we made some play doe kitty cats , which was alot of fun , specially with play doe in your hair.

As most of you know the past year has been one of great progression. I have watched so much from a far, and at times I know I felt so lost , cause I could not be there the way I wanted too. As a Dad there were times when I felt like I was letting my little girl , her big brother , and my wife down. Thats easy to do when you spend to much time alone. I am so lucky to have the family I do , and I am so very blessed to have the friends that I have made the past few months. The people I met just a very short few months ago , have meant so much to me .. I could never thank them enough for everything they have done , by just listening and letting me vent...laugh , and even cry when I have felt the need too.. I wont go naming names but I can tell u 3 of them have been like Angels to me , and for someone who has no idea what religion means , I need to thank god for helping me find them.

Well thats about all for now... I will update again soon.

Till then... grab your mate , grab your friends...hold them and hug them... you need it more then you know ... The love of a friend... is the best love of all cause you choose to give it..that makes it the best kind of love.


Amelia's Daddy