Monday, March 23, 2009

Wow ..Just moven on .. so fast!!

Hi all ,

We up here in the highlands hope your all doing well and enjoying the signs of spring.

Amelia is changing daily it seems now. As everyday goes by she is becoming more and more independent. From the moment she wakes up , she wants her cokies on , and it seems the little lady is now in control of her wardrobe and insists on dressing her self.

Last Tuesday I was able to attend a progress and goals meeting with Amelia and her team of therapists and support workers. For me it was really informative , I was able to hear the progress that Amelia is showing from another perspective , and I have to say I am so very happy for her.
I look at her and she what she does , what she says, and I just have to pinch my self.

I'm going to share to very quick little stories with you all ... One Thursday I was downstairs and I walked up to the main floor and I heard this small beautiful voice say " Hi Ow are you? " IT was Amelia .... I had to take a moment to register what I had just heard... It was the most amazing , beautiful words a parent could ever hear ... She asked me how I was..she talked... she was listening to me walk up the stairs... The fact that she has this ability to hear and listen , and now verbalize, it never stops blowing me away... These are the moments as a parent you just hope and pray will happen , and for her they are.

My second little tid bit if a humur is moment..... My son Ethan was playing and watching the Leafs game Saturday night , when he yells " Hey Dad there is a squirrl in the house" I ran out to the living room and sure enough a little red squirrl was in our house .. Amelia came running to see what the fuss was about... she peaked and saw the squirrl... My wife and I put the kids in the back room so they would be safe..... After the coast was clear from the vistor ... Amelia tapped me on my leg... she wanted to let me know there was a monster in the house... try and picture Amelia doing this ..she looks at me..wide eyed... starts making claws beside her head and growls and makes whisker motions on her cheeck and points to where she saw the squirrl... She did this a few times till she knew that we understood her..... It was the cutiest sight I ever saw... I wish I could have frozen that moment forever her face so serious and so detailed in her description of the squirrl.

Well thats it for now.... till next time, stop and make a wish... you never know some wishes come true... I know this ..I live it everytime I see my kids smile :)

Amelias Daddy