Saturday, August 28, 2010

Voice camp Connections

Hello everyone far and wide,

I do hope that you all had the most enjoyable summer , and that everyone made it through safe and sound and maybe just a little tanned.

I thought it was way over do to give everyone a little up date on Amelia , and I have to say she has had the greatest summer yet.

Amelia has just returned
from visiting her Great Grandmother in Newfoundland , and as always she left her mark on the rock with family and friends. Amelia has always been so very unique and very open to her feelings and nothing showed that more then on her return flight from nfld to Toronto. Her grandmother who was on the flight with her informed us when they got home that the trip back was full of unsettling turbulence, and this for Amelia meant it was amusement park ride time. At one point the shaking got so bad that most adults were concerned , but not little A.K what does she say??? " Plane going down ..plane going down????? " with a huge smile on her face. That from what we were told brought some smiles back on peoples faces and Amelia if you have met her , knows that she has always been able to do that . :)

For Amelia and her family the highlight of out family summer time was VOICE camp. VOICE camp is help annually in august at a beautiful camp ground in the Haliburton Highlands. Its gives kids with different hearing levels of hearing loss and there families a chance to get away for some fun, share stories and most of all a real opportunity to meet people that truly do know how you and your child feel cause everyone there has that common aspect of there lives , and to me that is whats best about the camp. Just being amongst so many families that have this commonality made me and I know my wife as well feel a little less alone and we made a few new friendships along the way .

I was truly humbled as well at VOICE camp. We had never been before so we did not know what to expect , so as we were making our way though the first night , a very nice woman came up to Amelia , she had recognized her from this website and then she turned to me and said " your always gone Dad!!!" ( That`s us in the picture above .) I must say that was pretty neat , but what was most special about meeting this woman is that she had told me that our little blog here inspired her to write her own blog and that right there at that very moment made all of this blog worth it. Outside of keeping track of Amelia`s Journey , and the thoughts of a Dad that is always gone, that is the reason I do this help others , to let them see that there not alone , and that regular people like the people in Amelia`s family when they stick together and support each other, can accomplish anything.

I will admit when the lights went out and I had a moment to think about what this woman had said to me.. I cried a couple humble pie tears (haha ya me king crier) I honestly never did think that I would meet someone that followed this and got out of it what I had hoped for so it was really a humbling experience for me .

I hope to have a update real soon as Amelia is set to start kindergarden in sept so that I know will be full of firsts and I cant wait to share them with you all .

Till next Time , stay safe and sound , and remember to put your heart in to everything , as you never know when your actions will become inspirations.

With Love

Amelia's Daddy