Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hello everyone,

Once again here in Ontario, we have entered the fall season, the leaves have changed and most have fallen.

Lots has happened in little Amelia's world since I last blogged , so I will try to keep you all interested .

Amelia's vocabulary is growing everyday it seems , so fast in fact it can kinda can make a Dad tear up when he gets verbal attitude back from his little girl, which has happened!!! I guess the truth is , learning words and where to use them and being able to adjust your tone, is in fact what Mom Dad and everyone that loves her hoped she would be able to do one day and well that one day has arrived!!!!!!
Just today when I arrived home from a extended work week I got my first taste of the attitude. All I said was Amelia, and what did she say.... " Daddy... What??????" Oh my was I a little confused and shocked to say the least!!! Amelia has become a very good little entertainer. She enjoys singing , and loves to dance> Mary Poppins is her favourite movie. The Dora dress that she loves to wear seems to give her some super dance power , because she cant seem to help dancing half the day when she wears it, it is just amazing!!

Amelia has also become a lot more independent with her Cochlear equipment. She has no problem turning them on or off. She tries to put the batteries in her self ,but she still needs help with that ( At least she needs mom and dad for something lol) She also has become a real help in letting us know if they are working right .. She will verbally say "uh oh Broken ". Now if we could just get her to wear her ear piece properly , it would be one less thing we need to worry about . Anyone who knows about this equipment knows that they are amazing but also can be so sensitive and a 3 year old can be very very hard on them .

Well thats all for now, and I ill do my very best to be more frequent with updates.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read learn , and grow with us, We thank you all so very much

Take care

Amelia's Daddy