Thursday, June 26, 2008

A letter to Amelia from Daddy

My dear Lemon Drop,

I want you to know how very proud I am of you, You have done the most amazing things in your life , that all I can do sometimes is lie awake at night wondering how you figure it all out.

Like most people I have lived my life with a good ability to hear whats going on around me, You have lived most of your life so far in silence, yet I know you have heard and felt this world with more meaning and a sense of what really matters than I ever could.

Your beautiful face , and wonderful smile is what has kept me going most nights when I am alone and away from all of you. If I didn't have you and your brothers pictures to look at during the night I really feel like I might have never made it this long with out the two of you.

Anyone who has met you knows how aware you are of all the things around you, Your sense of touch, your sight , and now your ability to hear but most importantly your ability to love , is only going to intensify as you grow older. Your so smart Amelia, truly amazing is what you are!!!!

This week Amelia, you pointed to the stairs and tried to say "Up" . Thats awesome really are special, and you will always be special no matter where I am or what I am doing. Please don't ever stop going up, don't ever stop climbing , ask anyone its always best when you continue to reach for the top, and touch a star.

I miss you sweet heart , and I am so glad you don't have the time to miss me, cause missing people you love can hurt and it can hurt a lot!

I cant wait to hug you again real soon, Daddy misses you too much!

Love always


Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Video

I managed to put together a short 4 min video of Amelia , with her Avt .

I am sure you all will especially enjoy the last 7 seconds :)

Hope you all had a great weekend .

Amelia's Daddy


Thursday, June 19, 2008

A tweak here and a yell there!!!!

Good day everyone,

As all parents of children with C.I's know there are many trips to the hospital , so with that being said, Amelia has a trip to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto for a Cochlear check- up and to have a 6 more electrodes turned on. Woo Hoo !!!!! :)

Amelia continues to expand her verbal horizons on what seems like a daily basis. She now is trying to copy what ever you might say is she finds it funny. For example, I sometimes play this silly little game with my son , I will yell out "Whaa?? ( with a horrible British accent) my son of course will yell it back. Well now it has become trio .. Amelia belly laughs then yells out " WHA!!!!!!! and then continues to giggle uncontrollably . I really find that to be pretty cool, considering 9 months ago we didn't know if Amelia would ever be able to verbalize her feelings at all.

Like most every family in the C.I world at some point you have to deal with your government for a ton of educational issue's , and at the moment we are trying to get the subsidies needed to put Amelia in to daycare this coming in September, and we expect there will be some big bumps in the road ahead . Hopefully this will not be to infuriating !! lol

Well thats all for now ,

Take care of yourselves

Amelia's Daddy

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hats....and Dogs!

I am so happy right now , I felt like I needed to blog about Amelia's latest attempts at communication.

2 weeks ago Amelia's Mom brought home a new addition to our family... " Jazz " The Great Dane.
Jazz is only 10 weeks old , so you can imagine how wild its getting around our house with a 5 year old, 20 month Amelia and now a 10 week old Great Dane.

Tuesday morning , Amelia was getting ready for her therapy session in Haliburton , when Amelia's Mom asked her where the dog was .. Amelia replied " Woof Woof" .. My wife was beside herself after that, but quickly Amelia decided she was going to do another amazing thing.. Before they were going to go out the door.. Mommy remembered Amelia needed her hat... Mommy asked Amelia to find her hat, Amelia looked up at Mommy and said "AHAT AHAT" I think my wife might have lost her breath after that.

This Journey so far has been a great adventure for all of us in our family. We have and will keep learning together, as it's the best way for Amelia to grow, if we all grow together.

Have a great day ..I know we will :)

Amelia's Daddy

Sunday, June 8, 2008

1 Month and counting !

We just can not believe it has been a month since Little Ms Amelia Kenzie had her " Cokies" activated. What a amazing ride it has been so far. Amelia is ahead of schedule right now as far a her recognizing sounds , and being able to recognize where the sounds come from. Amelia has made attempts to form a few words. Da-dada-deee = Daddy.... Mummmma = Mommy.... Buh Buh = Bus..... AHHHhhhHHH = Airplane Poh Poh Poh = The sound of a boat...Bffffftttttttt ( raspberry) = The sound of a car, She will also wave Bye Bye with a smile !

To say we are ecstatic would be a understatement. All of this progress is a result of her Mom's hard work with Amelia , and the great work that's done with her twice a week with visits to her AVT's .

I am working on putting together a video that shows some of her progress. Hopefully it will be up in a week or so.

Till next time, Enjoy every moment, cause moments never last forever!

Amelia's Daddy