Sunday, November 23, 2008

A long awaited update

Hello everyone,

For those you have read this blog from time to time , I just want to let you know , I have seem to come down with a bad case of some sort of writers block. ( I use that term loosely hehe )

Amelia has now had her C.I's activated for a little more than 6 months , and from all that has happened , we here in Amelia's family are just amazed at the way Amelia has adapted to the hearing world via cochlear implants. At this time Amelia uses about 15 different words, words that Amelia had never attempted to use before her Activation back in May of 08.

3 weeks ago , Amelia had another visit to The Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto, for a hearing test and her results were about as good as it could get. When the staff at Sick Kids tested Amelia with before her surgery , she scored 4 out of 40, . Now Amelia has scored a amazing 36 out of 40!!!! How Frikken cool is that!

As any parent knows , sometimes all you want to do is to protect your child from let downs and hurtful times, and the worse feeling you can have is the feeling of helplessness when you cant make everything better for your child, I and Amelia's Mom very much felt all those agonizing feelings 12 months ago. Now as Amelia's parents we get to feel a overwhelming sense of happiness and pride when we watch our little A.K and how far she has come, it can be a little emotional for me, cause being the always gone dad I miss so much and she changes so much in my eyes , I sometimes lack the same pace of growth that Amelia is on , but I continue to learn from her , and I can say I feel better as a man , and as a father, having being able to go on this journey beside Amelia .

Life can deal you many low blows and can continue to kick when your already down, but I can tell you from experience , the road you take back to your feet, can be and always will be, your greatest personal accomplishment , cause you become more complete as a person, and it can bless you with a great ability of compassion and forgiveness.

till next time,

Hug a loved one... Cause you need it!

Always gone Dad.