Sunday, December 14, 2008

All the little things

Hey folks,

I don't know about you guys , but we are in the middle of a winter wonderland up here in the Haliburton Highlands, so this being the holiday season , there really is no better place to be if you want to get into the whole holiday spirit.

As always I made my usual trip home from the big city this past Friday night , and as usual I had plenty of time to reflect on life, and I started to think about all the little things that our little A.K is doing since she had her surgery and activation earlier this year. Amelia is a real social butterfly , she loves people , she loves to laugh, and I know she loves making people laugh and smile. She has a real knack at reading the room and is always game to make some one bust there gut.
One of the little things you can take for granted with your children when there growing up ,is the first time they try and talk you into something. You find it to be awesome yet expected.
Our family for a little while never thought Amelia would ever be able to verbally talk with us, but Amelia now is starting to do all the stuff a talkative 2 year old does.

This past Saturday morning was a morning I wont ever forget!!!!! As I was trying to come to in bed, I heard the sound of two children galloping though the house.. Then I heard it... " Daddy .... DaaaaaaaDyyyyyyy" Amelia said Daddy !!!!! I was thrown for a bit of a emotional loop... I know she has tried so hard to form words, and she is doing the most amazing job, but that morning it was so clear, so crystal clear, that at that very moment, again I realized that we as a family made the right decision to go on this journey with Amelia.

Life is pretty mean at times , and its so easy to lose perspective. The hard ships in your life make it to easy to forget whats important and what really matters most. Its the little things, some of the un assuming things your child does or any child does is what matters most.. A small cry, a soft smile, and a child looking for you , by calling your name, those are the little things you need to remember and enjoy the most.

Everyone enjoy your self this Holiday season , and enjoy those little things, they really do matter most, when they bring a smile to your face .

Till next time, show love , feel love, make love.. its all that really counts!!!!

Amelia's Daddy