Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Long over due update

Summer days are here...... Finally!!!!

Good day folks,

I hope you are enjoying the summer weather, for us in Ontario it seems that summer has arrived late , so once again it will be a short summer.

First Id like to say sorry to anyone who has been waiting for a update, , but I know most of you know how summers go , and to be honest I have just enjoyed watching my kids too much this summer.

I just cant believe that Ethan is going in to grade 1.. Grade 1 already!!! Ethan is a pretty amazing young boy and any of you who know him , know how true this is. For those that don't , you really are missing the chance to meet the most amazing, kind soul on this earth and I am so very proud to be his Dad.. Good luck in September Ethan!!

Amelia has had a great summer!!!! She has entered the realm of enjoying the water. Amelia had her first swimming lessons, and even though it might have taken her awhile to get in the water, she sure does have the early signs of a water lover .

As far as Amelia's growth in the audio and verbal aspect of life, She is doing Amazing!!!!! Amelia love to listen to thunder. You have to the look on her face when she points to her ears and says.. "I hear dat!!"

Little Amelia is full of questions, she ask's you to tell her what just about everything is, and as of last Saturday she knows all the in ports and wires that are used to run the average home cpu.
She also learned enough to make sure she hears you clearly by repeating what you say before nodding and saying "O.K" Folks she really is one of a kind!!

I know I said it before but I will say it again. When I think back almost 2 years, I just can't believe how amazing this journey has been. We all have learned so much about life and a whole lot about ourselves, and as much as I would give anything for Amelia to have not gone through the tests and the surgery, I wonder if we as a family and I as a father , husband and person, would have the ability to see and hear things the way I do now if it wernt for Amelia's journey.

I will end it on that note .

Till the next time......

Stay thirsty my friends!!!!

Amelias Daddy