Friday, June 11, 2010

Amelia's dancing !!!

Hello everyone,

I hope your all enjoying the approach of summer and good times out doors with family and friends. We up in the Haliburton Highlands are trully enjoying the green trees and all the lakes in the area.

I can not believe that Amelia has had her cochlear implants activated for over 2 years now. The time has flown by quickly and it really has been amazing watching Amelia climb mountain after mountain. Come this September Amelia will start attending JK , and Amelia could not be happier about that. She has been attending day care 3 times a week for months now , and she just loves being with her friends playing and learning.

On Saturday June 6th, Amelia took a big step in her world. She performed in her first dance recital and oh lord was this Dad and her family very very proud. It was great seeing all the kids of different ages performing there routines, there was a lot of talent and by the size of all the performers smiles , the most important thing was reached and that was having a lot of fun.
I did my best to record Amelia performing and I was able to make a small 2 1/2 minute video that I posted on youtube , so please I hope you enjoy a small sample of Amelia live on stage.

I can not put in to words the pride I felt when I watched her on stage, She has never had anything come easy to her, and yet no matter what it is, Amelia always tries her best and to this date has been able to do very well at anything she wants and does really well at the things she loves to do , and she loves to dance!!!

Take care everyone and enjoy the summer that is coming ahead.

Keep your smile bright and heart upbeat!!

Amelia's Daddy