Saturday, October 30, 2010

Amelia's in school..and loving it!!!!!!

Hello all,

I hope everybody is enjoying a great fall season. It's always easier to say good bye to summer and welcome winter when you don't have winter blast you in the face Oct 1st.

This September and October have been huge months for Amelia. Not only did Amelia start school this year but she also went on a family trip to Newfoundland earlier this month.

Amelia has adapted really well in to her school surroundings , and really loves going to class to see her teacher and class mates, especially her cousin Joclyn . Its great that Amelia has someone she knows in her class that can help with her classmates to understand better what Amelia uses to help her hear . so far Amelia has shown that she has that itch to have a pencil or crayon in her hand. She has started well at writing her letters and numbers , and I have had the great pleasure of having Amelia start to read and that so amazing that I cant even put it in to words. Amelia's family are so proud of her and her older brother Ethan. Ethan sometimes doesn't get the attention that her sister does and yet he does not complain and for a 7 year old her puts up with his sister pretty good , and Mom and Dad both know Amelia does not make that a easy task for him. So if you ever get to meet him , your meeting a pretty special young man in his own rights.

Now on to our trip to Newfoundland...........

I am sure most of you dont know this about me , but before Oct 6th I had two real big fears and 1 of them was flying. At 8 am Oct 6th... Always gone Dad here conquered that with the help of Ethan Amelia and Mom... We all packer our pages and flew to Halifax then again off to gander Nfld.. At the airport we were greeted by Granda Winter , who drove us all to his home on the coast in a small place called badgers quay ... What a special 10 days we had... and for me it was a time I will never forget for so many reasons. We had a week and a half of no cell stop lights!!! Amelia and her brother had the greatest time with there Granda and Nan... Every day there granda would take them to the store ..spoil them... then take them to there wharf to fish..or to the local fishery to catch some rock cod like the one Amelia's holding in the picture. As always the good time had to come to a end , and it was not easy saying good bye but we did have the best time and I have to say, the world feels a little more open to me now that I have got past my fear of flying , so that being said, I know we will go back very soon to visit with our family and friends in Newfoundland.

I have posted a small video of our trip so please enjoy

Till the next time ,

Hug your mate..... they need it as much as you do

Amelia's Daddy