Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So many changes!!

Hi everyone .. long time , no blog..and yes I know .. I have let a few folks down on that dept.

I dont always find it easy to type things down ..it seems my heart needs to be feeling everything I write , or it just does not come out the way I want it too.. I will try harder..I promise :)

Now on to Ms Amelia,
Amelia has made the biggest strides in verbalizing her self... It seems like every week that I come home, she speaks more and more, and speaks with a greater clarity . She has the grasp of most words she hears and as a result of that she understands what the word means and whats its used for, now if I could only master that!!!!.

In the coming weeks Amelia will start dance class. Everyone in the family has noticed how much she loves to dance.. Just a few weeks ago she danced and sang Beyonce's "Halo" while she watched the music awards with her Grandma Somerville. Just what this world needs ..Amelia as a idol wanna be hahahahaha.

I wish I could say that this journey with Amelia has been all joy, but it has not.. Amelia has found her temper and its a LIVE one.!!
She does her very best to test and test and test her mother's paitence multiple times a day , and her brother has felt the rath of her temper a few times himself.. but being the big brother he is.. he does a real good job at keeping his own temper in check..Way to go Ethan, you have a heart and soul that we wish we had!!

Lastly I want to take a second to talk about Amelia's Mom
This woman has so much on her plate..She cooks she cleans she feeds the dogs she works 3 jobs one of them far away from home, and all this she does mostly on her own. I am hardly home so she does not have a husband to turn to .. It's all by herself and at her own expense.. I cant tell you all how much I wish I could just take her away some where nice , so that she might get a chance to re charge her batteries.. One day Honey.. one day...Thank you Sonya for all that you do , day in and day out ..With out you it all falls apart.. You are the piece that keeps us all together, and please know its not un noticed..I see it every time I go home and see the life in our kids eyes.

Well thats all for now, hopefully I will have some dance pictures to put up soon as Amelia loves to dance in her round in round ( that means dress in Amelia's world) hahaha!!!

Till next time remember...........With out love there is no you and me..with out love there are no children ..with out love there is no world..

Take care everyone.. love you all for reading.

Amelia's Daddy

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