Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Way way to long!!!

Hi Everyone,

I know its been a real long time since I updated this page , and I am sorry for those who have been wondering how Amelia is doing in her wonderful world of sound, but since it has been so long I will fill you in on whats gone on around her and for her in the past months.

Last November we had a pretty big scare... While Amelia's Mom and brother were traveling home from Hockey practice they had a accident thanks to road conditions and a friendly Deer crossing the rd. Thank fully both were fine , other then some cuts , bumps , and bruises.
I do have to say that Amelia's brother Ethan was a very courageous and showed great smarts in a bad situation.. Ethan was brave enough to get him self out of the car that was on its roof...He climbed out the rear windshield ... made his was through some small trees to his mothers door and insisted that she now get out of the car. Even thinking about it now ... I fill up with such pride.. I cant and most likely never will be able to put in to words how he has made me feel since he came in to this world... I don't think I have had the honor and the privilege of knowing a finer human being and soul then my son.. He has always shown great heart... compassion... and love for the people and things he cares about , and it shows even more with his little sister.. Sure he has his moments with her like all 8 year old brothers would with his 5 year old sister , but I do know he loves her as much as she loves him, and that..right there... is one of the greatest things i have experienced as a parent.. just this past last week..my wife reminded of how great my children happy makes me feel by saying " That's what I love right there... you hear that..our kids playing with friends and just being kids and just being happy..that's what really makes me happy" and you know, deep down in side... as a parent when your kids are young.... how blessed are we to get to listen and see there faces when they feel that way .

Amelia also stared school this past year and had just a Amazing time... She expanded her abilities in so many ways just by being with her classmates, and getting to learn about many things and getting to be with kids her own age everyday. I do have to say there was a real negative side to her school year as well.
The school bored as a whole up here is really lacking... they lack the ability to get a child that hears with cochlear implants a Fm system before April in the school year..yes that's right April... Back in May of 2010 Sonya ..myself and the school board officials all agreed that a FM system would be needed and there in Sept.. but after a whole line of excuses and reasons... it took till April to get her one.. on the positive side of that ... she really started to improve with her speech and understanding of words once she had the system in place . The things man can do now a days is really magnificent .

Amelia has also branched of from not just being a ballerina , but she now has stepped in to the world of Gymnastics.... and she loves it!!!!!!! She took many classes this year and back in May she got to show the whole town of Bancroft what her and her class mates had learned . The girls and boys put on one amazing show and for the whole time.. the smile didn't come off Amelia's face, not to mention... If you were there and didn't know Amelia... you would have never known she did everything with out her cokies on... She does it all by knowing... looking ...doing , and feeling it inside.. The music played and though she couldn't hear it..She still was able keep her rhythm through there presentations... God sometimes she just makes me so darned proud i cant stand it lol !

This Past summer we got a great gift from a great charity . Amelia is getting the latest external equipment from cochlear america's through the P.C children"s charities. We as a family cant thank them enough for there support , and I as a father and a husband I can not thank my wife and Amelia's mom for the amazing work she did in putting together Amelia's life in to words , she worked so hard and if it wasn't for her .. I know ability to get this equipment would have been a lot steeper of a hill to climb and again I know I cant ever thank her enough for doing that for Little Miss A.K. As soon as she gets them I will put up a pic to show them off to you all.

I want to thank you all who have read this blog for all the positive vibes you give out when ever you read this and think about Amelia and how she is doing. I know I haven't been on the ball with this for a long time and that my fault.. sometimes people lose there way in life...stress gets to them and they forget whats important and they forget how much the little things in life can mean and how the simplest of gestures can go along way for the person giving and receiving a kind favoras a result of that gesture . I have been guilty of that in my life like I know most of you likely have as well but recently I learned and saw first hand how horrible and tragic life can be and as hard as its been for me especially the past few weeks, I do hope I am able to come out of this a better man..a better husband...and at the very least a better father.

August 19th 2011 I experienced something I wont ever forget . a young girl riding her bike was struck by a passing pick up truck, I was there and helped administer cpr... I have no happy ending on this one..she lost her young life that day and its not something I will ever soon forget.. I think about her everyday right now and I know that in the days ahead..the thoughts wont be as frequent and my own pain and anguish that I feel will pass , but what I hope doesn't ever fade is my sense of how short this life is...how amazing laughing with your loved one is .. How beautiful it is to feel the wind strong against your face , and most importantly how great it makes you feel to get a heart felt hug form some one you love.

Lindsey.. I will never forget you, and I will never forget the lesson's you taught me the day you left this earth ... You spirit will live on in everyone who loved you and everyone you loved back.

Please hug someone after you read this... we all know it feels good and we don't do it enough

Amelia's Daddy

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